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A juice cleanse with added pea protein offers a holistic approach to nourishing your body. Traditional juice cleanses are renowned for detox, but often lack essential protein for recovery and vitality. By including pea protein, you detox while providing building blocks for energy and lean muscles. This combo supports detox and overall health, making the cleanse revitalizing and rewarding. Whether resetting, losing weight, or enhancing well-being, a protein-infused juice cleanse is a smart and satisfying choice.

"Juice cleansing is nature's way of giving your body a spa day."—Anonymous

1 day plan

Our one-day Munch cleanse is simplicity and health in a bottle. Five pre-made bottles, each packed with a blend of nutrient-rich vegetables and added pea protein, await you.

Drink one bottle of juice every three hours to nourish your body. It's a convenient way to detox and provide your system with vital nutrients. This easy, efficient cleanse leaves you feeling refreshed and revitalized, all in just one day.

3 day plan

Our 3-day pre-made Munch pea protein-infused juice and veggie cleanse is a refreshing reboot for your body.

Each day, enjoy 5 delicious bottles of goodness every day, drinking one bottle every 3 hours. These nutrient-packed bottles provide essential vitamins, minerals, and protein, aiding detox, energy, and muscle health.

However, it's crucial to stay hydrated with water and consult a healthcare professional if you have dietary concerns.

For more details and FAQs, visit the bottom of our page. Embark on this rejuvenating journey to revitalize your body and mind!

We suggest a juice every 3 hours

Here are several recommended times throughout the day to enjoy your juices. While indulging in juice cleansing. It is advisable to seek advice from a healthcare provider to ensure it aligns with your well-being.



Mid morning




Mid afternoon


Late dinner

"Cleanse, Feel Alive."

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A 1-day juice cleanse can kickstart a healthier lifestyle, providing a quick infusion of vitamins, aiding digestion, and promoting hydration. It's a simple reset for your body and mind. Try starting a one day cleans before you embark on one of our weight loss plans.

You have two options to kickstart your 3-day cleanse:

  1. Consecutive Cleanse: Dedicate three consecutive days to the cleansing plan. This means you'll follow the plan for three days in a row.
  2. Intermittent Cleanse: Alternatively, you can select any three days of the week that suit your schedule and preferences. On these chosen days, you'll follow the cleansing plan to complete the 3-day cleanse.

While we recommend keeping juice cleansing and meal plans separate, you can certainly integrate them with our 5 or 7-day plans. However, we do not recommend using juice cleansing alongside our Introfast® programs. Instead, you're welcome to begin with a juice cleanse and then transition to the Introfast® program when you're ready.