Welcome to Our Colour-Coded Nutrition Guide!

Understanding Our Macro Nutrient Colour Codes.

Here at Munch Measured Meals, we believe that making healthy choices should be as easy as enjoying a delicious meal. That's why we've introduced a simple and effective color-coded system to help you make informed decisions about your nutrition.

The colour codes are prominently displayed on each meal sleeve, ensuring that you can easily identify the nutritional profile of your chosen dish.


1. Red: Protein Plus Category


High protein / High carbohydrate.

Our Protein Plus category is designed for those seeking a higher balance of macronutrients. Each meal in this category provides the same protein, carbohydrate, and fat content, making it easy to track your nutritional intake.

Whether you're fueling up after a workout to bulk up, or simply looking for a satisfying, well rounded meal, the Protein Plus category has you covered.

2. Blue: Lean Category


Medium protein / Medium carbohydrate.

If you're focused on maintaining a balanced diet with moderate protein and carbohydrate levels, our Lean category is an excellent choice. These meals are thoughtfully crafted to provide the nutrients your body needs without unnecessary excess. Perfect for those seeking a sustainable and wholesome approach to nutrition.

3. Green: Shred Category


Medium protein / Ultra-low carbohydrate.

For individuals following a low-carb lifestyle, our Shred category offers meals with a moderate protein content and minimal carbohydrates. Ideal for those aiming to achieve specific fitness or dietary goals, the Shred meals provide a delicious and satisfying option without compromising on nutritional integrity.


4. Yellow: Signature Catagory


Premium gourmet range

Medium protein / Medium carbohydrate.

Elevate your dining experience with our Signature Range – a collection of premium gourmet meals. These dishes boast a perfect balance of protein and carbohydrates, providing a delightful culinary experience without sacrificing nutritional quality. Ideal for special occasions or when you want to treat yourself to something extraordinary.

How to Use the Colour Codes

Identify Your Goal: Determine your nutritional goals, whether it's building muscle, maintaining a balanced diet, following a low-carb plan, or indulging in a gourmet experience.


Select Your Colour, or combine if you are more savvy with macro nutrient information or Carb Cycling: Look for the color-coded band on the meal sleeve that corresponds to your nutritional preferences.


Enjoy Your Meal: Trust that each meal is expertly crafted to meet your dietary needs, providing a delicious and convenient solution for your busy lifestyle.


At Munch Measured Meals, we are committed to making healthy eating not only accessible but also enjoyable. Explore our diverse range of color-coded meals and embark on a journey to a healthier, more vibrant you!


Note: Nutritional information may vary slightly. Please refer to individual product packaging for specific details.